* Timings are based on Singapore Time GMT +8

5 June 2021 (Saturday)
9.00am – 11.00pm Virtual Exhibition  
7.00pm – 7.05pm Introduction and Opening Remarks  
7.05pm – 7.25pm Korean Medical Aesthetics Latest Industry Trends & Demands and Aesthetic Profiloplasty for Asians with Toxins, Fillers and Threads Dr Sang-June Rhee
Plastic Surgeon
7.25pm – 7.45pm Identify, Mix & Match Different Injectables Suitable for Patients’ Desired Results Dr Contessa Salvador-Alapag
Aesthetic Medicine
7.45pm – 8.05pm Facial Aesthetics for Patients in Different Life Stages: 20’s to 70’s Dr Mariusz Gajewski
Aesthetic Medicine
8.05pm – 8.15pm Q & A  
8.15pm – 8.30pm Break and Virtual Exhibition  
8.30pm – 8.50pm Advanced Korean Techniques in Micro Fat Grafting for Under Eyes and Facial Liposuction Dr Hye-Young Kim
Plastic Surgeon
South Korea
8.50pm – 9.15pm Must Know Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Aesthetics Business Wendy Lewis
Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd; Global Aesthetics Consultancy
9.15pm – 9.25pm Q & A  
9.25pm – 9.40pm In collaboration with Neoasia:
Dr Antonello Tateo
Plastic Surgeon
9.40pm – 9.55pm Industry Partner Workshop  
9.55pm – 10.10pm


10.10pm – 10.40pm In collaboration with Croma Pharma:
Stop filling start lifting with HA fillers! Rejuvenation through elevation - a modern concept for HA fillers
Dr. Eyal Kramer, MD
Plastic Surgeon
10.40pm – 10.50pm Q & A   
6 June 2021 (Sunday) - Comparative Treatment Modalities for Various Aesthetic Indications
9.00am – 11.00pm Virtual Exhibition  
7.00pm – 7.05pm Introduction & Opening Remarks  
7.05pm – 7.25pm Expert Tips on Managing Pigmentation Dr Davin Lim
7.25pm – 7.45pm Emerging Treatments for Acne and Acne Scars Dr Davin Lim
7.45pm – 8.05pm Non-Surgical Face Lifting by Threads, Fillers, HIFU and RF Dr Sky Wong
Aesthetic Medicine
Hong Kong
8.05pm – 8.10pm Q & A  
8.10pm – 8.25pm Break & Virtual Exhibition  
8.25pm – 8.45pm Novel Techniques in Nasal Bridge Enhancement,  Brow and Forehead Lifting Dr Kelvin Chua
Aesthetic Medicine
8.45pm – 9.05pm Latest in Neck & Lip Aesthetics Dr Christina Chea
Aesthetic Medicine
9.05pm – 9.25pm Achieving Optimal Outcomes with Double Chin Removal Dr Melania Battistella
Aesthetic Medicine
9.25pm – 9.45pm Advances in Under Eyes/Dark Circles Management & Hands Rejuvenation Dr Margaritha Adams
Aesthetic Medicine
The Netherlands
9.45pm – 10.00pm Industry Partner Workshop  
10.00pm – 10.15pm Industry Partner Workshop  
10.15pm – 10.30pm Industry Partner Workshop  
10.30pm – 10.35pm Q & A  
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