Membership dues for a 12 month period. Your membership will expire in the same month of the following year. Dues are in US Dollars; bank and currency conversion fees are at the member's expense.

Regular Member
Qualified, licensed medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, dentists.
US$ 175.00 
Resident Member
Must provide proof of residency (letter from the practice or organization where you are taking your residency) and date of graduation.
US$ 125.00 
Associated Member
Industry, Pharmacists, Chemists
US$ 250.00 
Affiliate Member
Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, Aestheticians.
US$ 95.00 
Sponsorship Member
Industry and/or individuals who choose to become a sponsorship member of the AAAM play an important role in allowing the AAAM to provide regular printed material to the membership as a whole and allow us to keep members connected with information in the Aesthetic Medicine community. Sponsorship members are recognized for their valued contribution to AAAM at all AAAM congresses and meetings, receive recognition in printed material and on the web site and are entitled to discounted rates in the Exhibition portion of each meeting. Please contact us for further information.
US$ 2,500.00 

*Administration Fee of US$25 applies to all registration. Waived for existing members who renew their membership before it expires.


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