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Masters Course in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Gynaecology (Vagina Tightening and Labia Rejuvenation)

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Faculty Member:
Dr Rashad Haddad
Cosmetic Gynaecologist
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Course Eligibility:

  • Fully licensed medical doctors including GPs
  • Doctors may attend Aesthetic Gynaecology Course without prior completion of AAAM Level 1 and 2 Courses
  • However some experience in Aesthetic Medicine will be an added advantage to learning

Course Fee:
AAAM Members =          USD 3500
Non-Members =              USD 3700
*7% Goods & Services Tax will be added to course fee for courses held in Singapore
* Seats are limited and subject to availability

Course Program:

18 October 2017 (Day 1)

0900 – 1030 hrs: Theory

  • Aesthetic Gynaecology procedures – fast growing market; new and increasing demand from patients
  • Review on anatomy of women's intima area
  • Endocrinology and sexual problems related to genitals
  • Influence of gynaecological defects on quality of life

1030 – 1045 hrs: Morning Teabreak

1045 – 1230 hrs:

  • Most common aesthetic gynaecological procedures performed by aesthetic medical practitioners:
    - Relationship between gynaecologic aesthetic appearance and surrounding areas
    - Revitalizing and tightening of vagina – laser treatment
    - Revitalizing of labia majora and minora
       Augmentation (hyaluronic acid, fat, PRP, others)
       Constricting of labia minora (radio frequency)
    - Lipolysis of pubic
    - Skin revitalization of intima area
    - Skin whitening of intima area

1230 – 1330 hrs:

1330– 1430 hrs: Theory
Most common aesthetic gynaecological procedures performed by aesthetic medical practitioners:

- Fat transfer from public area to labia majora
- Labioplasty
- G-spot augmentation
- Hymenoplasty
- Hoodoplasty
- Others

1515 – 1700 hrs: Live Demonstration at Clinic on one case

27 August 2017 (Day 2)
Full Day Hands-on Training Workshops at a Clinic

0900 – 1700 hrs

Lunch, morning and afternoon teabreaks will be provided.

*Course program is subject to changes at discretion of AAAM

Note: Program / topics are subject to change by AAAM
Online Registration
Course Fee:
Member: USD 3500
Non-membr: USD 3700
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