Level 3 Board Certification Exam in Aesthetic Medicine

1900 hrs (Singapore Time GMT +8),Online

Completion of AAAM Level 2 Certificate Course is required for admission to Level 3 Board Certification Examination

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Open to doctors who have completed AAAM Level 2 Diploma Course in Asia Pacific or Europe before July 2020

AAAM Members         = USD 2800
Non-Members            = USD 3000

Dr Marcelo Suarez (USA)

The Board Exam encompasses two parts:

Part 1: Online MCQ Examination
1900 – 1950 hrs (Singapore Time)

  • Candidates to complete 100 MCQ within 50 mins
  • Minimum passing grade is 70% for admission to the Viva Exam

Part 2: Viva Examination
2000 hrs onwards (Singapore Time)

  • Candidates will be evaluated by AAAM Board Examiner on Zoom for 20 mins on a few patient cases
  • Upon successful passing of both MCQ and Viva Exams, physicians may refer to himself or herself as AAAM Board Certified and receive the Board Certificate by registered mail


  • Candidates are advised to study their Level 1 and 2 course notes
  • Candidates may also consider reading following reference books recommended by AAAM
  • Collection: Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology
    Publisher: Elsevier Saunders
    Series editors: Jeffery S. Dover & Murad Alam
  • 1) Chemical Peels, 2nd Edition, by Rebecca Tung & Mark G. Rubin
  • Lasers and Lights, 4th Edition, by George Hruza & Elizabeth Tanzi
  • Botulinum Toxin, 4th Edition, by Alastair Carruthers & Jean Carruthers
  • Soft Tissue Augmentation, 4th Edition, by Jean Carruthers & Alastair Carruthers
  • 2) Color Atlas of Chemical Peels, 2nd Edition, Edited by Antonella Tosti, Pearl Grimes, Maria de Padova
    Publisher: Springer

3) Practical Guide to Botulinum Toxin Procedures
1st Edition, by Rebecca Small, MD, FAAFP, Dalano Hoang, DC
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer

4) Soft Tissue Augmentation
4th Edition, by Jean Carruthers & Alastair Carruthers

5) The Art of Skin Health Restoration and Rejuvenation
2nd Edition, by Zein E. Obagi Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group


Note: Program / topics are subject to change by AAAM
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Member: USD 2800
Non-member: USD 3000
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